WHAT we don't do and WHY we don't do it

Some consulting agencies will offer any service they can in order to ensure that they "meet" all the needs of your school or organization.  We don't believe that school safety can be approached with a broad brush.  Certain aspects of school safety are best left to other professionals who devote a significant portion of their work to that specific area.

For example, your school district's loss prevention insurer employs specialists who tour school facilities and provide recommendations regarding the security and safety of those physical environments.  These individuals are thoroughly trained and often assess hundreds of school buildings ever year.

We always encourage schools to seek building safety assessment be conducted by the insurer's specialists - and it's typically a free service.  Flip-charts, procedures and policies need to be generated at a local level and be items that align with the culture of the community.  We can test these items in great depth through tabletop exercises.  Compliance with Federal, State or Local laws is best determined by your district's legal counsel.

There are many excellent threat assessment systems available for little money, such as the Salem-Keizer Threat Assessment Model.  We recommend that school districts examine available models and then tailor the processes and documentation to efficiently interface with resources, practices and culture.


Specialized presentations of 40, 60 or 90 minutes for administrators, teachers, parents, students and the community.

Engaging and empowering keynote presentations at conferences, conventions and large-scale staff inservices.

School security, crisis preparedness, bullying prevention, connectedness, and research-based active shooter information.

Expert witness for bullying and school safety litigation.



Select from a variety of small or large tabletop exercises fully facilitated by David.  Develop and work with building administration on authentic site-based simulations.

Navigating the interface between schools, law enforcement and respondents to promote effective multi-agency training.

Train staff on school connectedness and bully education and prevention strategies including implementation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention school connectedness strategies across your building or school district.

Assist schools in designing building or district specific surveys that inform constructs and allow school staff to lock in on key need areas of their school's culture.  Many marketed climate surveys are very broad, of poor design, and provide little to no information that is useful to school staff.

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