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Ex-Convict Larry Lawton | Situational Awareness in Prison | SAFETY DOC PODCAST Livestream 6-23-2020

[PODCAST] Larry Lawton was Americaโ€™s biggest jewel thief, on the FBIโ€™s most wanted list, and spent 11 years in dangerous federal prisons. Released from prison in 2007, he focused on decision making and bringing awareness to his โ€œThe Reality Check Programโ€ which guides people away from the felonious life path and brings clarity to the…

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Safe Rooms & Cry Rooms | Welcome to College with Author Ann Sterzinger | SAFETY DOC PODCAST #69

PODCAST-Misanthropic author Ann Sterzinger and host David Perrodin attempt to gain philosophical understanding of the epistemological foundation for post-secondary institutions of learning proliferating safe rooms and cry rooms across campuses. Initially the guise of art, such rooms shed temporary labels and are rooting in libraries, lecture halls, and dorms. Not invasive. Welcomed.   DIRECT LINK…

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