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What is the Rubric for Good? | Safety Doc Podcast #70 | Dr. David Perrodin, PhD

PODCAST-Good exists independent of being filtered and shaped by humans. It endures context and situation and has superb inter-rater reliability. Yet, “good” is overwhelmingly subjected to external positionality – or to exist per the characteristics and conditions of what others deem must be present for something to be considered good.   DIRECT LINK to MP3…

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Safe Rooms & Cry Rooms | Welcome to College with Author Ann Sterzinger | SAFETY DOC PODCAST #69

PODCAST-Misanthropic author Ann Sterzinger and host David Perrodin attempt to gain philosophical understanding of the epistemological foundation for post-secondary institutions of learning proliferating safe rooms and cry rooms across campuses. Initially the guise of art, such rooms shed temporary labels and are rooting in libraries, lecture halls, and dorms. Not invasive. Welcomed.   DIRECT LINK…

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