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Paris Must Learn From Citicorp Tower’s Fatal Flaw | SAFETY DOC PODCAST #98 [Podcast]

[Podcast] In 1978, an engineering student discovered a fatal structural flaw in New York City’s just-completed Citicorp Tower. What happened next wasn’t made public for nearly 20 years! DIRECT LINK to MP3 of this Episode: NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL FIRE LEAD CONTAMINATION Dr. Perrodin juxtaposes the Citicorp Tower dilemma with the modern day unfolding crisis of…

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Sophie’s Choice, Moral Dilemmas & 9/11 Research Design Issues – SDP#36

Moral dilemmas center ethical choices in rescue operations in which the grueling decision is between, at times, equally-deserving alternatives. Dr. Perrodin also critiques a safety response article comparing the actions of rescuers present at the Murrah Building and rescuers present at the World Trade Center – noting such comparisons hold great challenges to distilling information that can be generalized to other settings.

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