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Economic Argument for Price Gouging in Disasters – SDP#45

PODCAST-Market-reflective prices in disasters ultimately ensure a better supply of goods. With extreme need arises a Sophie’s Choice: (1) empty shelves, or (2) hyper-expensive items. Dr. Perrodin argues that price controls are over-simplified “solutions” to short-term complicated resource acquisition issues and sides with free market supply and demand pricing during short-duration sentinel events such as…

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Hashtag Hurricane Rescues Are Here to Stay – Pros & Cons – SDP#44

PODCAST-Victims of hurricanes turned to Twitter and Facebook for help as floodwater rose and winds toppled structures. A combination of government and civilian rescuers answered their calls! 2017 is the demarcation line as we are officially in the social media age of natural disaster response. Dr. Perrodin explains how this new era has introduced both…

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