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JIT Manufacturing Ceding To 3D Printing | Supply Chain Experiencing Disruptive Transition | SDP156

[Podcast] One lesser-mentioned reason for the sustained and worsening supply chain disruption is that manufacturing has entered the “transfer portal” between JIT and 3D printing. In other words, an old technology is being usurped by a new technology. The pandemic hastened the process and the question centered on in this episode is how the baton…

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SAFETY DOC LIVESTREAM #148 | Matthew Hoover | Four Waves of Chaos | Where is All the Ammunition?

[Podcast] What will happen when truck drivers refuse to deliver to powder-keg big cities after the Presidential election? Are you aware that truck drivers are currently paid exorbitant bonuses to take on the risk to bring supplies to America’s riot-smashed metropolitans including Seattle and Portland? Did you know that it is remarkably easy to disable…

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