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Critique of Homeland Securityโ€™s Guide to Prevent School Gun Violence | SAFETY DOC PODCAST #106 [Podcast]

[PODCAST] Homeland Security twirled off the rails with its patchwork 2018 Guide to Preventing School Gun Violence. Anyone else think suggesting smoke cannons as counter-measures to an active shooter is better scripted for Hollywood than for classrooms? DIRECT LINK to MP3 of this Episode: SINGLE FOCUS SAFETY INITIATIVES In my book, School of Errors, I…

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[Podcast] SAFETY DOC PODCAST #103 | Who is in Charge of School Safety?

[Podcast] School safety is the default responsibility of individual schools. Surprisingly, there are no federal laws mandating school safety plans of school-based mental health services. Some, and not all, states require school safety plans. Individual school districts safety plans are inconsistent and with site-based management, most schools apply discretion to make safety policies fit the…

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