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Scientist Proved 65% of Typical People Will Follow Deadly Directives From Authority – SDP#3

The Safety Doc Podcast #3 Key Words: Milgram Experiment, Following Orders, Revisionist Research, Forgetting Curve, Memory Distortion, Active Shooter Recruitment, Mob Mentality & Diffused Responsibility WHY WOULD YOU OVERWRITE 50-YEAR-OLD RESEARCH FINDINGS? The Safety Doc Podcast #3 challenges “The Atlantic’s” revisionist interpretation of the famous Milgram Electric-Shock Studies of the 1960s that showed that people…

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CHNA Will Be Your Partner in Serving Needy Children & Families

CHNA Will Be Your Partner in Serving Needy Children and Families David Perrodin, PhD Note to reader: This article was published in the November, 2016, Sprigeo, Inc. newsletter.   Per the Instructions for IRS Form 990, Schedule H, 2011 and the Patient Protection are Act, the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) is conducted to aid…

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Protecting Soft Targets – My Thoughts about the 2005 Study of Chula Vista High School (San Diego)

“Establishing a containment perimeter while a SWAT team is assembled to conduct a slow methodical building to building search is an obsolete procedure.” Crockett, et. al., 2005. On December 7, 2005, researchers conducted a safety analysis of a high school in San Diego.  The study team, which included a Microsoft employee, offered many practical sense crisis…

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