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Forts, Foraging, Fishing, Nostalgia & Outrage – Being a 1980’s Kid – SDP #25

Articles and studies concur that today’s children do not enjoy the freedom of previous generations – and the effects are not making kid’s safer, but are actually destroying children’s coupling with nature and that deprivation is placing them at increased risks for depression and anxiety. We’ve gone too far and have insulated children from the sun, cold, wind, spider webs, raindrops, etc.

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Discovering the Awesomeness of Multiplayer Video Games – Interview with Seann Dikkers, PhD – SDP #18

Dr. Dikkers regards video gaming the same as other media such as movies and music. It has become part of our society and just like heavy metal music, is not the causal factor of violent behaviors. In fact, as game play increases violent behaviors decrease. Seann examines digital game design and teaching and learning. What can we learn from video games to provide a meaningful experience in classrooms?

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