Fathers, Family & Friends – Interview with Typical Daddy Podcaster Hector Solis – SDP#30

PODCAST-Hector Solis is a father devoted to providing practical, useful, and entertaining parenting information to men navigating through fatherhood. He is a co-founder of “Typical Daddy”, which is a team that shares parenting experiences, presents parenting challenges, and provides practical solutions for raising children. Hector and his friends understand that being a father is not a job; it is a privilege with great responsibility.

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In this “extended-version” interview with Dr. Perrodin, Hector shares his professional training in psychology and passion to help others.  He met like-minded fathers and helped develop the resource known as “Typical Daddy” with a mission to organize and share information to be a better father.


Hector believes in quality over quantity when being with his children so he can acquire a deep understanding of their behaviors and also become more attuned to perceiving micro-behaviors that might indicate that something is wrong, such as a child that perceives he or she is being bullied.  He asks deep-thought questions of his children and feels that this approach to engaging discourse will encourage his children to continue to openly communicate and share their feelings as they enter adolescence and adulthood.


Imagine scheduling your day. Now imagine being a part of a family that schedules its entire week! Hector shares his approach to scheduling his week to ensure that family time is always preserved as the top priority. Hence, our interviewed occurred during Hector’s 8:30 PM “podcasting/research” time per his calendar.


Dr. Perrodin shared his own account of being the recipient of cyberbullying with a surprising twist of reading a rant entry posted by a friend who was unaware that the target of his wrath was actually David. Hector echoed how the Typical Daddy team identified bullying as a topic for a show and sought out a content expert to present about her book about youth bullying.


The final segment of the interview explores how Hector contacted David offering to help him improve the audio quality of his shows. Both men share their countless positive experiences with fellow podcasters and how the growth of podcasting is creating a responsive, contributing community and easy-to-access portable content that is, perhaps, offsetting the ills inherent to traditional social media which is more spur-of-the-moment rhetoric versus carefully produced podcasts.



Learn more about Hector and Typical Daddy at www.typicaldaddy.com