In Harm’s Way – My Ire With Intentional Bad Decision Makers | SAFETY DOC EPISODE #74

PODCAST: The Thailand cave rescue isn’t sitting well with Dr. Perrodin. And yeah, he’s also incensed by other recent events that involved people making intentional bad decisions despite overt warnings. The “Doc” is hot under the collar in this episode – and wants you to recognize the risks coupled to your decisions and look beyond to grasp the ramifications to others. Rescuers have been placed harm’s way and few considerations are given to the ripple impact when crisis resources are allocated and consumed by fully preventable incidents. The media refuses to call out informed people that forego warnings and choose to make stupid safety decisions. Dr. Perrodin strongly argues that there must be consequences for those that carelessly place others in harm’s way.

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Cemeteries Make Even Less Sense to David | Biking Trifecta | Family Garage Cleaning Day | 3 Current Examples of Informed People Making Decisions that Put Others in Harm’s Way and how the Media Has Done A Dis-service By Spinning These into “Feel Good” Stories.


Why did the coach and boys enter the cave? It was a rite of passage. The players intended to carve their names on a wall and seemingly become part of the brotherhood of soccer athletes. Rituals are good – I would argue essential for young men, but this was just a stupid decision. Yeah, this was a complex cave to navigate in ideal conditions, but there’s value in rituals. However, ignoring a warning sign at the mouth of the cave and apparently not having a weather app make the coach fully culpable for leading the team to the brink of extinction.

Per a media account, “A large warning sign at the cave’s entrance raises the risk of entering so close to the monsoon season, they say, and he should have known better. But for many in Thailand, Ekapol, who left his life in the monkhood three years ago and joined the Wild Boars as an assistant coach soon after, is an almost divine force, sent to protect the boys as they go through this ordeal. A widely shared cartoon drawing of Ekapol shows him sitting cross-legged, as a monk does in meditation, with 12 little wild boars in his arms.”

And now that all have been rescued the coach is celebrated as a hero.


On July 5th, 16 officers with the NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit coordinated a logistical twister of removing a lady who had scaled the lower portion of the Statue of Liberty because she felt compelled to protest “kids in Texas” by making a choice to break the law and place the parents of other kids in harm’s way. You have the right to protest. You do not have the right to choose to disobey rules and create a situation that puts others at risk for harm.


The final mental fumble described by Dr. Perrodin was the July 7th drowning of a 62-year-old man swimming in rough surf in Kill Devil Hills despite explicit posting of “no swimming” flags. This man’s decision cost him his life, likely shattered the lives of those that cared about him, and brought risk to countless persons involved in his rescue and recovery.


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