Interview with Effin’ Birds Author Aaron Reynolds | SAFETY DOC PODCAST #108 [Podcast]

[Podcast] AARON REYNOLDS is a humourist, professional speaker, and the man behind the @EffinBirds and @swear_trek Twitter accounts. When he’s not on Twitter, you can find him producing a series of podcasts and at ComicCons dressed as George Lucas. He has been a baseball writer, a fine art printer, and a mall Santa Claus photographer. Aaron was raised in Mississauga, Canada, a suburb where they cut down all the trees and named the streets after them. He currently splits his time between Toronto and Ottawa.

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David began this episode by identifying the role humor has in personal and situational awareness. People in touch with humor are better-equipped to identify and react to the nuances of life. In safety situations that can be the difference between life and death. David stated, “Humor is observed in all cultures and at all ages.  Historically, psychologists framed humor negatively, suggesting it demonstrated superiority, vulgarity or, per Freud, was a defense mechanism.  But, modern research offers strong evidence that humor activities.  People that appreciate humor report greater life satisfaction than those who don’t see the humor.  Clinical psychologists are using humor to increase subjective well-being.  Humor is an essential part of personal safety – as people receptive to humor tend to perceive the subtle nuances of situations and not to be too literal and linear – which is difficult to do in a world that can punish you for laughing.”


A compact, comprehensive, and very silly field guide featuring more than 200 of the rudest birds on earth. Effin’ Birds is the most eagerly anticipated new volume in the grand and noble profession of nature writing and bird identification. Sitting proudly alongside Sibley, Kaufman, and Peterson, this book contains more than 150 pages crammed full of classic, monochrome plumage art paired with the delightful but dirty aphorisms (think “I’m going to need more booze to deal with this week”) that made the Effin’ Birds Twitter feed a household name. Also included in its full, Technicolor glory is John James Audubon’s most beautiful work matched with modern life advice. Including never-before-seen birds, insults, and field notes, this guide is a must-have for any effin’ fan or birder.


Effin’ Birds memes have infected the Internet – in a good way, with some type of powerful condition that invokes belly laughs, smiles and a re-conditioning of personalities. David and Aaron discussed the witty comments social media users routinely post whenever an Effin’ Bird meme appears on their screen. A common theme is for people to see the reflections of their own lives within the memes. A stoic bird above the caption, “Frankly, I Expected More,” describes the majority of work meetings, right? You can’t say it, but you’re thinking it – and yep, there’s an Effin’ Bird meme for that!


After crowd-funded the first printing of the 208-page “A Guide To Field Identification – Effin’ Birds,” Ten Speed Press asked Aaron to refine his original work. There was a sticky point, however. In order for the book to release for the Christmas season in America, Aaron had only 3 months to render the final version. He met the deadline and Effin’ Birds releases through Ten Speed Press on October 15, 2019. Due to strong pre-orders, it is already debuting as the #1 new release in Bird Field Guides.


Find me the person that doesn’t relish in a deck of Effin’ Birds playing cards! Go to for your stocking stuffers and everyday supply of clothing, mugs, pins, cards and the Effin’ Birds book.


Throughout this interview, Aaron shares his strategies for turnings negativity and stress into positive creative energy. He attends and presents at the Fireside Conference at rural (no WIFI) Camp Walden in Canada. As one attendee wrote, “It’s tempting to describe Fireside as an innovators version of Woodstock. However it wasn’t Woodstock – or Coachella, Glastonbury, Afrika Burn, or even Burning Man. It was all of them and none of them at the same time.”


Aaron Reynolds and Effin’ Birds

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