Safety Doc Podcast #55: 2017 in Review & Lessons Learned from Custer’s Last Stand

PODCAST-Dr. Perrodin shares a fun set of anecdotes as he ultimately reflects upon his most powerful podcasts of 2017, acknowledges leadership lessons from Custer’s last stand and closes with an argument that, on many fronts, we are living in the best of times.

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Driving my aunt to pay her property taxes in a city I’m not familiar with | Snowstorm averted | Pickup truck is not a fire engine | Sardines and dumbbells | Reflecting upon the top Safety Doc Podcasts of 2017 | Custer’s 20-year-old soldiers in 80-year-old bodies | Not a blanket statement, but we certainly live in the best of times.


(Per Neal St. Anthony, 2011), “One hundred forty years ago, George Armstrong Custer split his exhausted Seventh Cavalry of 660 troopers into several autonomous units, issued vague orders as the units dispersed and charged headlong into well-armed Northern Cheyenne and Lakota Sioux warriors at the Little Big Horn River in Montana. It was a management disaster, to say the least, for Custer & Co. Custer presided over a classical, dysfunctional leadership team,” said Jeff Appelquist, author, entrepreneur, former Best Buy corporate manager and onetime Marine infantry lieutenant who has turned Custer’s demise into an award-winning book and on-site management seminars. Custer was offensive-minded, had good tactical sense and had led a charmed military life,” Appelquist said. But the legendary brevet major general “lacked the trust of key lieutenants, did not build a common purpose, was not at all aware of his own faults. He did not communicate or adapt well. Those Indian warriors, about 1,500, turned out in force to protect their families and land. Custer was surrounded and worn down and destroyed.”


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