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SDP_047 “Projected Benchmarking” – Garbage Media Ploys Following A Mass Shooting

Podcast-Dr. Perrodin explains how mass media irresponsibly portrayed the October 1, 2017, Las Vegas massacre as an act of evil that any of us could encounter, in any location, at any moment. In addition, false articles defeated algorithm “truth” filters, journalism was sacrificed for short-term ratings, the collective public anxiety rocketed with no efforts to…

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Back to School Safety Special – Time to be Terrified!! – SDP#39

High-drama multi-agency intruder response simulations transpire daily in schools across America. This hyper-realistic approach to school safety has produced a flurry of litigation centering psychological trauma for adults and children. Furthermore, theatrical drills are not supported by empirical research and differ greatly from other preparedness practices.

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TRAP-18 will present serious issues when schools begin to implement it for early identification of the “lone wolf” terrorist (AKA – student active shooter)

Commonalities of school shooter narratives… Bullied Told others prior to event Male While those points are typically accurate, the development of a profile rapidly fades following the “given” characteristics mentioned above.  For example, many shooters had good grades, many had a clean discipline record and many regularly interacted with a peer group.  There is no…

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