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How Coronavirus Changed America’s Social Contract | SAFETY DOC PODCAST #125

[Podcast] Doc does a face validity check in, describes the American social contract, and then identifies ways personal privacy changed this month and how those changes will likely be permanent. DIRECT LINK to MP3 of this Episode: ARE WE ALL DEPUTIZED? Doc notes counties and communities encouraging residents to report alleged violations of social gathering decrees…

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Houston Dunkirk, Cajun Navy & Fixing FEMA – SDP#43

An abysmal government response to Hurricane Harvey exposed inadequate planning, lack of resources and confusing attempts at invoking incident command that iced potential responders such as commercial drone operators. Rescue efforts defaulted to heroic, overwhelmed local crews bolstered by the truly remarkable “Cajun Navy”. In substantial form, social media played a key role for those attempting to contact responders. This show describes the nuances of the Hurricane Harvey landfall and offers precise protocols to improve future responses to natural disasters.

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PART 1: Little Known Facts About Drones – Preston Rice Expert Interview – SDP#40

The FAA controls the airspace above your lawn! However, the question of who owns the skies remains murky at local government levels. Rules & regulations for operating a drone differ greatly between a hobbyist and commercial operator. Drones, some smaller than a human hand, are used in many industries and show great promise for positive contributions to search & rescue and crisis response. Dr. Perrodin and Madison Area Drone Service Owner Operator Preston discuss the amazing capabilities and influences of drones from the television shows we watch to monitoring growth of hundreds of acres of crops. By the way, eagles have been trained to pluck nefarious drones from the skies! That, and much more, in this part of one of two series in which you will learn how drones are a tremendous benefit across society – and just wait for positive impacts of drones in the future!

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