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The Meteoric Rise of High School Esports | What You Need to Know | Guest Mike Dahle | SDP195

More youth are participating in Esports – and it’s nothing like the trope stereotype of “gamer kids” isolated  in their basements, chomping on chips and sipping sodas while gaming online with other kids in similar grunge contexts. In this episode, Esports expert Mike Dahle will help to accurately inform us about school Esports, including how…

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Do Sports Keep Kids Out Of Trouble? | How About E-Sports? | What the Research Says | SDP 166

[Podcast] Doc was recently interviewed by a large-market news company assembling a documentary about youth violence directed at adults. Ultimately, the question of “What can be done to prevent this?” was asked. A staunch proponent of increasing funding, research, and training on threat identification and reporting, Dr. Perrodin delivered his versed spell-binder on the matter.…

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