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Escaped Prisoners Near Me | Finite Voltage | Civilian Morale | Pranking Steve | SAFETY DOC LIVESTREAM 4-16-2020 [Podcast]

[Podcast] Escaped Prisoners Near Doc’s House | Humans’ Finite Voltage of 100 Days | Civilian Morale | Pranking Steve in this livestream of The Safety Doc Podcast. Doc was decked out in military fatigues and Navy cap as he went full smoke-out mode securing the neighborhood from fugitives. DIRECT LINK to MP3 of this Episode:…

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SDP#049 The Humor Response – A Deeper Look

PODCAST-A person loses a loved one and smiles or laughs. Why? To the scientific eye, the seemingly misplaced humor manifestations reveal pain and regret. Dr. Perrodin explores popular theories of humor and demystifies the science behind laughter and discovers that laughter can be a formidable cognitive self-defense tool. This is known as Relief Theory. DIRECT…

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