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Review of South Park’s Dead Kids School Shooter Episode by Safety Expert David Perrodin, PhD | SAFETY DOC PODCAST 82 [Podcast]

PODCAST-Dead Kids was a boringly botched season opening episode for South Park. Spoiler alert – this was a shoddy episode even with ubiquitous  information to grow plots. Safety Expert David Perrodin reviews the much-anticipated, taboo-soaked topic of school shootings relative to how the narrative was approached by a generational stalwart animated, edgy comedy show that…

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SAFETY DOC PODCAST 59: Hawaii Missile Alert: The STRANGE Narrative – Interview with Jim Malliard

PODCAST-Paranormal investigator Jim Malliard and host David Perrodin discuss the puzzling inconsistencies of the January 13, 2018 notification that Hawaii was minutes from a ballistic missile impact.  Although the alert was an error, the circumstances of the event are convoluted and information released since the flub only adds to the confusion.  Jim and David smoke…

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