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The Meteoric Rise of High School Esports | What You Need to Know | Guest Mike Dahle | SDP195

More youth are participating in Esports – and it’s nothing like the trope stereotype of “gamer kids” isolated  in their basements, chomping on chips and sipping sodas while gaming online with other kids in similar grunge contexts. In this episode, Esports expert Mike Dahle will help to accurately inform us about school Esports, including how…

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CORONAVIRUS CRUSHES CAMPUS | Interview with University Student Nick Schulaner | Safety Doc Podcast #127

[Podcast] Nick Schulaner’s keen situational awareness enabled him to make the right decisions and safely navigate the rapid, unanticipated closing of his university campus due to the coronavirus pandemic. In this exclusive interview, Schulaner deconstructs the frantic shut down of his campus, migration to online learning, and overlooked electronics that are crucial to surviving in…

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The Dark Side of School Safety Funding | Safety Doc Podcast #72 with Dr. David Perrodin

PODCAST-The marketing of school safety is making headlines. Bulletproof whiteboards and clipboards. Bulletproof wall panels. Bulletproof backpack inserts. Bullet “resistant” window film. Specialized locks. Training that turns the emergency lockdown, “shelter in place” response on its head. Money is again available for “school safety” grants and corporations see dollar signs.    DIRECT LINK to MP3…

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