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Interview with an Unwitcher | Paranormal Researcher Ileata Kenley | SAFETY DOC PODCAST #83 [Podcast]

PODCAST-Paranormal researcher and author Ileata Kenley joined the Safety Doc Podcast to discuss: spiritual awareness, spiritual self-defense, resources to assist someone negatively impacted by paranormal experiences and house cleansing. Ileata’s vivid stories of investigating the spirit world include a harrowing escape from a paranormal-charged field and a long-dead murderer confessing his guilt. This story-filled show…

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SAFETY DOC PODCAST 59: Hawaii Missile Alert: The STRANGE Narrative – Interview with Jim Malliard

PODCAST-Paranormal investigator Jim Malliard and host David Perrodin discuss the puzzling inconsistencies of the January 13, 2018 notification that Hawaii was minutes from a ballistic missile impact.  Although the alert was an error, the circumstances of the event are convoluted and information released since the flub only adds to the confusion.  Jim and David smoke…

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