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Sir Bryan Bowden | NYC Pandemic Epicenter Face Validity | Protecting Your Right to Privacy | SAFETY DOC PODCAST #128

[Podcast] New Yorker Bryan Bowden describes what’s happening in his city with a face validity update; the intersection of privacy and government surveillance of its citizens; debt forgiveness; self-sufficient mindsets; liberation and innovation; and monitoring the encroachment of social credit scores for Americans. DIRECT LINK to MP3 of this Episode: ABOUT BRYAN BOWDEN Born and…

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Vendors Own School Safety Conferences | SAFETY DOC PODCAST #104 | Dr. David Perrodin [Podcast]

[Podcast] Dr. Perrodin founded two major school conferences and thoroughly understands the teacher professional development industry. David is keenly aware that school safety conferences geared toward school administrators, school boards and teachers has devolved from showcasing best practices to a cash-grab exposition of the latest, greatest, flashiest safety gizmos and doodads. DIRECT LINK to MP3…

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