The most honest book about the $3 billion school safety industrial complex

A brave demonstration of speaking truth to power “School of Errors” rips the lid off the billion-dollar school safety industry. Using real-world examples of successful responses in desperate situations, David contrasts the expensive window dressings pitched to panicked parents, with the inexpensive and effective approaches proven to actually work. Read this book before you let your school waste another precious dollar on meaningless safety ‘theater.’
— James B. Sibley, Esq., Special Education Attorney, Tollner Law Offices

The best new School Safety books

School of Errors (2019) establishes another voice in the discussion of how to promote safe schools. It challenges the unchecked expansion of school fortification and hyper-realistic intruder drills and questions the realized benefit of inter-agency collaboration during a sentinel event. This book offers an alternative to traumatizing simulations by providing clear options for improving school safety by the empirically-proven effective measures of instructing situational awareness and teaching students to identify and report threats of harm to self or others. School of Errors restores the scientific method to school safety and clears a path through the media rhetoric fogging this vital topic.