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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: A 40-Year Veteran of the Telecom Industry and Crisis Communications Profession Offers His Opinions About Analog Versus Digital 2-Way Radios Relative to School Security

Like many school districts, the district I work for is in the process of upgrading its 2-way radio communications system in both an effort to make communications more efficient and to also enhance school safety.  I’ve had a substantial role in that process and admit that while I have learned much, I still have much…

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What’s My Safety Priority – Radio Communications or Video Surveillance?

There’s a debate brewing in the school safety world as radio communications is pitted against video surveillance for a northern notch on the priority ladder.  Here’s my two cents on this discussion. Let’s begin with an examination of the everyday use of radio communications and video surveillance. Everyday Use – Radio Communications Playground supervision. Custodians (talk group). Special education…

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What Does a Google Ngram Tell Us About the Direction of School Safety?

The Google Ngram Viewer is a phrase-usage graphing tool which charts the yearly count of selected word or phrase combinations as found in over 5.2 million books up to 2008.  In looking at the Ngram below, you will find that I entered the words/phrases:  fire drill, tornado drill, lockdown, and school shooting.  Fire Drill:  The peak period…

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