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Truckers Getting Trounced | Essentially Forgotten Freight Haulers | Guest Jonathan Burger | SDP168

[Podcast] In March 2020, you awoke to find that the government deemed you essential or nonessential. Over-the-road (OTR) haulers, or truck drivers, were deemed essential. But as the arrival of healthcare workers was celebrated with fire engine parades, truck drivers were spared recognition and told to shift into overdrive and deal with peeled back restrictions,…

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Community Civic Organizations Vanishing | Jaycees, Lions, Kiwanis, & Rotary Fading Fast | SDP167

[Podcast] Doc calls our attention to the strange disappearance of civic organizations in America and the subsequent impact on youth safety and community safety. Peaking in the 1960s, tiny villages and big cities bustled with volunteers of all ages to build parks, serve as crossing guards, hold free throw shooting contests for kids, work voting…

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Do Sports Keep Kids Out Of Trouble? | How About E-Sports? | What the Research Says | SDP 166

[Podcast] Doc was recently interviewed by a large-market news company assembling a documentary about youth violence directed at adults. Ultimately, the question of “What can be done to prevent this?” was asked. A staunch proponent of increasing funding, research, and training on threat identification and reporting, Dr. Perrodin delivered his versed spell-binder on the matter.…

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