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Interview with an Unwitcher | Paranormal Researcher Ileata Kenley | SAFETY DOC PODCAST #83 [Podcast]

PODCAST-Paranormal researcher and author Ileata Kenley joined the Safety Doc Podcast to discuss: spiritual awareness, spiritual self-defense, resources to assist someone negatively impacted by paranormal experiences and house cleansing. Ileata’s vivid stories of investigating the spirit world include a harrowing escape from a paranormal-charged field and a long-dead murderer confessing his guilt. This story-filled show…

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Review of South Park’s Dead Kids School Shooter Episode by Safety Expert David Perrodin, PhD | SAFETY DOC PODCAST 82 [Podcast]

PODCAST-Dead Kids was a boringly botched season opening episode for South Park. Spoiler alert – this was a shoddy episode even with ubiquitous  information to grow plots. Safety Expert David Perrodin reviews the much-anticipated, taboo-soaked topic of school shootings relative to how the narrative was approached by a generational stalwart animated, edgy comedy show that…

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I’m Conducting Research with Iranian Professors and Then This Happens… | SAFETY DOC PODCAST 81 [Podcast]

PODCAST-Despite the fact that there have been several theories of personal resilience, and that some of the theories have suggested that there are more than one dimension, those theories have not focused on the person’s internal characteristics or provided an adequate elucidation of the exact components of adult personal resilience. Dr. Perrodin begins a discussion…

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