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[Podcast] SAFETY DOC PODCAST #103 | Who is in Charge of School Safety?

[Podcast] School safety is the default responsibility of individual schools. Surprisingly, there are no federal laws mandating school safety plans of school-based mental health services. Some, and not all, states require school safety plans. Individual school districts safety plans are inconsistent and with site-based management, most schools apply discretion to make safety policies fit the…

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Paying the Liar’s Dividend in School Safety | SAFETY DOC PODCAST 102 | Dr. David Perrodin [Podcast]

[Podcast] On July 3, 2019, Dr. Perrodin presented School Safety in America: Rhetoric Vs. Reality on Wisconsin Public Television. During that presentation, he identified weaponized deepfakes as the biggest threat to student safety and that the incentive to use deepfakes to target students might be as simple as “The Liar’s Dividend.” DIRECT LINK to MP3…

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