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SAFETY DOC PODCAST #119 | Strength Trainer Drew Baye | Is Student Fitness Sapping School Safety? [Podcast]

[Podcast] Drew Baye has been teaching and writing about exercise for over twenty years, during which time he has personally instructed hundreds of clients, including elderly people and people with physical disabilities, one-on-one through tens of thousands of workouts. He maintains the number one blog on high intensity strength training and has been featured…

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Vincent LaRosa | Founding of Masculine Geek and Urban Exploring | SAFETY DOC PODCAST #118

[Podcast] Vincent LaRosa is a network administrator, Masculine Geek and adventurer. He’s an enthusiast of ancient areas and fascinated with urban decay – including the death knell of the American mall. In this episode, Vince discusses the genesis of one of Internet’s top shows – Masculine Geek, writing, urban exploring and an intellectual hike through…

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