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SAFETY DOC PODCAST 64 – Browse Without Being Tracked | Security Analyst Trip Elix

PODCAST-Trip Elix has worked as an investigator and associated with business leaders along with the computer underground. He has been a computer forensic technician; security consultant, administrator, programmer, and system analyst, who has used or owned almost every version of every operating system since the 1980’s. He currently attends security conferences held by the computer underground…

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SAFETY DOC PODCAST #63: Rituals Make Us Stronger | Interview with TJ Martinell

PODCAST-Author/Writer/Reporter/Outdoorsman TJ Martinell appraises routines, rituals and experiences versus accumulation of “stuff”. Embracing an authentic, minimalism-grounded lifestyle from his svelte-outfitted cabin, TJ suggests that finding yourself begins with reconnaissance and locating the empirical origins of both ancestry and philosophical epistemology. Making the world perceptible, TJ describes his pilgrimage to view the US Constitution or stand upon the…

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