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Critique of Homeland Security’s Guide to Prevent School Gun Violence | SAFETY DOC PODCAST #106 [Podcast]

[PODCAST] Homeland Security twirled off the rails with its patchwork 2018 Guide to Preventing School Gun Violence. Anyone else think suggesting smoke cannons as counter-measures to an active shooter is better scripted for Hollywood than for classrooms? DIRECT LINK to MP3 of this Episode: SINGLE FOCUS SAFETY INITIATIVES In my book, School of Errors, I…

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The Making of School of Errors – Interviewing Author David Perrodin | SAFETY DOC PODCAST #105 [Podcast]

[Podcast] Enjoy the amazing story of the making of the most honest book written about the school safety industrial complex! Hector Solis, producer of the riveting investigative truth Awareness Podcast,  interviewed author David Perrodin and gifted him a brilliantly-rendered episode titled: The Making of School of Errors. DIRECT LINK to MP3 of this Episode: ABOUT…

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Vendors Own School Safety Conferences | SAFETY DOC PODCAST #104 | Dr. David Perrodin [Podcast]

[Podcast] Dr. Perrodin founded two major school conferences and thoroughly understands the teacher professional development industry. David is keenly aware that school safety conferences geared toward school administrators, school boards and teachers has devolved from showcasing best practices to a cash-grab exposition of the latest, greatest, flashiest safety gizmos and doodads. DIRECT LINK to MP3…

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