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Moral Distress versus Psychological Distress – Understanding & Healing Compounded Pain

Psychological distress vs. moral distress In my role as a county critical incident debriefer, I encounter emergency responders processing psychological distress.  This is a normal response to an unintentional traumatic event such as a person killed in an accident.  Yet, a second form of distress infiltrates the minds of responders who have been subjected to a…

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Protecting Soft Targets – My Thoughts about the 2005 Study of Chula Vista High School (San Diego)

“Establishing a containment perimeter while a SWAT team is assembled to conduct a slow methodical building to building search is an obsolete procedure.” Crockett, et. al., 2005. On December 7, 2005, researchers conducted a safety analysis of a high school in San Diego.  The study team, which included a Microsoft employee, offered many practical sense crisis…

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