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Tactical Communications: The Blunder in Telling Someone to “Calm Down” and Verbal Judo Instruction for School Front Office Personnel

32% of school-based attacks were stopped through physical or verbal intervention by school administrators, educators or students.  Knowing this, should schools teach tactical communications (verbal judo) to staff and students?  (Data provided by United States Secret Service, 2002, in a study of school attacks between 1974-2000) “Please, calm down!” Consider this verbal blunder.  A school principal, front office…

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Logistical Barriers, Incomplete Approaches and How Black Box Labels Impact the Ability to Address Mental Health Needs of Children

Depending upon the research you cite, between 10-15% of children in the United States have a mental health need.  One of the areas that is sharply rising is anxiety disorder, but the overall trend line is also ascending year after year.  In an attempt to better address the mental health needs of students, some Wisconsin…

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Federal Efforts to Protect Our Schools: 77,400 Voices Heard and Viable Plans Presented to Congress – Now it is Time for Action!

On May 17, 2007, there was a Full Hearing of the Committee on Homeland Security House of Representatives on Protecting Our Schools:  Federal Efforts to Strengthen Community Preparedness and Response.  The 89-page recording of that hearing and its numerous testimonials can be found in a downloadable PDF version at  under the LINKS heading.  It certainly is…

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