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Curious and Serious Inaccuracies of the Notre Dame Fire with Dr. David Perrodin PhD | SAFETY DOC PODCAST #97 [Podcast]

[Podcast] Dr. Perrodin notes curious inaccuracies of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, the bizarre subsequent investigation, a looming detrimental Paris health hazard and wraps this entire discussion within a the philosophical shell of torus theory. DIRECT LINK to MP3 of this Episode: INACCURACIES ABOUT THE CATHEDRAL FIRE This episode was originally drafted as a platform…

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Why May Should Not Be Food Allergy Month | SAFETY DOC PODCAST #96 | Dr. David Perrodin, PhD [Podcast]

[Podcast] Why is May designated as Food Allergy Awareness Month? Dr. Perrodin points out the merits of awareness activities centered to food and other allergies – some with potentially life-threatening consequences. However, he identifies the irrationality of devoting the month of May to allergy awareness primarily as it is at the very end of the…

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