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Crisis vs. Chaos | Bifurcation and Strange Attractors | The Velocity of Information | SDP174

[Podcast] What are the differences between crisis and chaos? Is a sudden bifurcation better than a gradual bifurcation? How might a “strange attractor” contribute to the sometimes long duration, and difficult-to-recognize, patterns in chaos? Doc will discuss these questions and read an excerpt pertaining to them from his book ‘The Velocity of Information: Human Thinking…

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Comorbid Chaos | 90 Days of Uncertain Times | Velocity of Information | David P. Perrodin | SDP173

[Podcast] What is comorbid chaos, how is it different from other types of chaos, and what are its consequences for societies and individuals? Doc explains the markers of uncertain times and reads an excerpt from his book, The Velocity of Information: Human Thinking During Chaotic Times. DIRECT LINK to MP3 of this Episode: COMORBID CHAOS.…

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Unpacking Normal Box Theory | Perception of Normality is Everything | Guest Lee Jarvis | SDP171

[Podcast] Guest William Wesley Lee Jarvis returns to the show to discuss “Normal Box Theory”in society and how it applies to how people, and cultures in identifying the illusion of priorities. What is “thinking in averages?” Why is perception of normality everything? What are counter-processes and fixes? How do we analyze processes of culture relative…

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