Surbhi Madia Barber: Education Reform Can Help Prevent Future Newtowns

It is with much gratitude that I am sharing a link to an article that was recently published by a Madison, Wisconsin newspaper.  Surbhi Madia Barber is a brilliant, articulate professional educator.  I had the privilege to meet her when our paths crossed in doctoral courses at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  She is someone who brings focus and optimism to a room when she speaks – and closed ears, and closed minds, are opened by her genuine message, and genuine caring…   Education received a gift when she devoted her life to serving children.

It is not a secret to anyone following my work that I am an unwavering advocate of school connectedness.  It is sometimes difficult to describe the variables that define the construct of school connectedness – as even the variables, such as friendships and trust, are interpretive and open to inter-rater reliability error.  Yet – do not dismiss the societal bedrock that is school connectedness.

And now, in probably no more than a 5-minute read and a 1-hour “think” — Surbhi grounds us with her message that before we are sprung to yet another “reform” — before we impatiently look outside for the answers – to default in the belief that others will solve these woes…  before we do that – and perhaps, instead of doing that, each of us must look within.  Please read her article at the link below, and please share it wide and far.