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America is Burning – FACE VALIDITY with Bacon & Doc | SAFETY DOC PODCAST LIVESTREAM 05-31-2020 [ Podcast]

[PODCAST] Bacon and Doc kick off an unscheduled livestream to offer face validity on the rapid progression of rioting and civil unrest across America. Nick Schulaner and John Steele join to complete the cabinet. Regional observations from member checks across the country; dissecting the velocity of information; and what does this civil unrest chaos mean…

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Hashtag Hurricane Rescues Are Here to Stay – Pros & Cons – SDP#44

PODCAST-Victims of hurricanes turned to Twitter and Facebook for help as floodwater rose and winds toppled structures. A combination of government and civilian rescuers answered their calls! 2017 is the demarcation line as we are officially in the social media age of natural disaster response. Dr. Perrodin explains how this new era has introduced both…

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Shattering Myths of Transference & Countertransference in Crisis Contexts – SDP#31

Transference is a phenomenon characterized by unconscious redirection of feelings from one person to another. One definition of transference is “the inappropriate repetition in the present of a relationship that was important in a person’s childhood”. To frame his discussion of transference, Dr. Perrodin explores the article The Different Faces of Transference written by Michael Maccoby which appeared in Harvard Business Review in 2004. While the article is dated, the perspectives of the author are helpful in bringing understanding to how transference has changed from the workforce of 2004 to the workforce of 2017.

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