How Thinking About a Bagel Can Get You Through the Worst Day of Your Life | SAFETY DOC PODCAST #122

[Podcast – LIVESTREAM] Doc talks about what it means to enter chaos from the perspective of someone that has researches crises. 

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It’s tasty as hell and also a metaphor for our lives and routines. Humans expect things to be similar and go bananas when they are moved out of the bagel – and the further you get outside the bagel, the more chaos.


But, chaos is part of nature and the sooner we recognize it and embrace, the sooner we inventory our options and make intelligent decisions to get us to the outcome basin. In other words, there are infinite ways to get from point A to point B – yet we’ve become comfortable in thinking everything must be convergent, or linear, that there is a “best way” to do every specific thing. That’s BS. If we would have kept on thinking that way, we would have devolved as a species and innovation would have been stifled. And, we were kind of that point of barnacle regulations and unchecked spending.


Some company made the last ice box. Restaurants, for example, are scaling up take up and drive-thru. They are changing business models and it’s working. Doesn’t mean that is won’t be bumpy and that we won’t have losses – we will – but we will also rapidly evolve – perhaps an unparalleled 24-36 month evolution as humans in how we work, educate, build, design, entertain, etc. than we would have experienced on the trajectory without the Coronavirus. In fact, these, and other, core aspects of societies might leap 10-20 years further down the road due to how we’ve had to “solve the problems” presented by the coronavirus disruption. There is a very real probability we will look back upon 2020 as a time of great human innovation and not a time of human collapse.


Also, watch this livestream for tips on navigating life during chaos, making better decisions, and also 5 ways that schools will be better after the coronavirus event. This is episode 122 of the Safety Doc Podcast.


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