My Life in the Midst of a Manhunt – Navigating Armageddon – SDP#22

[podcast] David gives a vibrant inside-perspective of how he was literally at the center of what has unfolded into one of the largest manhunts in the Midwest. Working in a mile-long educational facility a mile from the fugitive’s home, Dr. Perrodin notes that the very first step is to consider the campus unsecure until facility personnel walked the grounds, pulled each door handle, and then did it all over again.  

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JANESVILLE (Wis) MANHUNT (April, 2017)

Officers are looking for a Joseph A. Jakubowski, a 32-year-old man who’s considered armed and dangerous said he sent a 161-page manifesto to President Trump. Jakubowski is wanted in connection with the theft of guns from the Armageddon gun and ammo shop. A car registered to Jakubowski was found burned nearby, and he’s suspected in the arson, officials said. A quick review of the Wisconsin Circuit Court online records search reveals that Joseph Jakubowski has been charged or ticketed 32 times since 2001. The sheriff’s office said it learned Thursday that he had made threats to steal weapons and use them against public officials or at an unspecified school. However, it was now mid-morning, and most school shooting occur at the start of the school day. This man, in my expert opinion, has decided not to attack a school. What appeared to be a rush of adrenaline, from breaking into a gun store (allegedly) and setting his vehicle ablaze didn’t carry forward to a red dawn. He certainly had become aware that soft targets were now hardened targets. This was favorable news for area schools, many which were in lockdown or had cancelled outdoor events.


Few potential (actual) killers craft 161-page manifestos. Granted, Jakubowski’s was more of an inventory of wrongs than a battle of epistemologies, but still, the manifesto demonstrates a strong belief set. Looking back to the infamous Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, the manifesto starts to reveal what brought the individual to the point of “crossing the line.” Michael Taylor, Chronicle Staff Writer for the San Francisco gate wrote the following shortly after the apprehension of Kaczynski: (April 6, 1996): “The idea of isolation is a very critical ingredient in a case like this because you’re dealing with a political and philosophical fanatic who has an extreme view of the world. And he has nobody around to serve as a reality check,” said James Fox, dean of the College of Criminal Justice at Northeastern University in Boston and author of several books on serial killers.


A February, 2013 article titled: The Final Word: Why Killers Write Manifestos, Marc Lallanilla of Live Science Contributor wrote: “All of these people think they’ve been wronged,” said David A. Clayman, Ph.D., a clinical and forensic psychologist. “These people collect wrongs and they seek out affirmation of their righteousness,” said Clayman. “They saw the world as against them. The common theme is a grudge.” Look for this in Joseph Jakubowski. He even had a friend film him applying postage stamps to his manifesto and depositing it to the mail receptacle – not to mention a recent YouTube rant referenced, but removed from public view.


As this manhunt drags on, people will ease their guards. You won’t hear people asking about targets as it seems that this man had opportunities and didn’t act upon them. Perhaps he really wanted to be heard. Still this probably won’t end well. An armed and dangerous man is being pursued. He has a history of no regard for authority, is a loner, and certainly realizes that capture means living out his years in prison.


I urge you to be aware of your environment and changes in your environment. Just because a threat now seems dissipated or distant doesn’t mean that a police pursuit won’t bring the chaos to your street. Also, harden your own targets by locking doors and leaving lights on at night until this matter has been resolved.


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