Rogue Birthday Episode | Election Impact on Chaos | De-Platforming Survivalists | Livestream 11-7-2020

[Podcast] Doc burns down the birthday candles as he speculates how a Biden presidency might influence chaos behavior and regression to the mean. In addition, the sudden and complete de-platforming of tactical survivalist Mike Glover sends a cautionary message to all people that produce content in the prepper / survivalists genre. Finally, with Google seemingly out of the woods from a monopoly hearing, will the company slice Adsense revenue to content producers  or begin charging for traditionally free services, such as GMAIL? This is episode 150 of The Safety Doc Podcast. Read this full blog post at

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In episode #149, Doc referenced his graphics to illustrate that American society was failing to regress to the mean following the March, 2020 black swan COVID19 event. Although typically viewed as precipitating disaster and chaos, a black swan event can also have the opposite effect. Doc ponders if the Biden victory was perceived by many Americans as an event that would usher in political changes that would bring substantial stimulus funding and a pivot that would somehow return people to what they remember as pre-COVID19 times. Biden’s win disrupted Finite Voltage, but, as Doc cautions, regression to the mean is rarely swift and lasting.


School choice will grind to a halt with the appointment of a Secretary of Education. These battles will intensify at the state level and be settled by the courts. School safety funding will be front and center in the next stimulus package with the emphasis on updating HVAC and air filtration systems and an array of antivirus devices and products. Most of these will be vetted with nothing more than customer perceived value and social proof. Doc argues that this spending will have little practical impact on student health other than implementation of more hand washing stations.


Former U.S. Army Special Forces Sergeant Major Mike Glover is CEO and owner of Fieldcraft Survival Inc. He was the recipient of a rapid, organized social media platforming campaign in early November which also resulted in the disabling of his company’s website and interference with family member’s social media accounts. Aware of Mike’s work, Doc disputes claims that Glover’s training, apparel, and gear warranted any form of censorship. Although Mike has restored his core sites, he’s aware that his social media sites could be suspended at any time. Doc ponders if Mike will lose customers who might be apprehensive that their association with him will result in being added to some double secret probation list.


AOC put a nation on notice when suggesting that “someone” should assemble a list of individuals and organizations that supported the Trump administration. She added that the list should become a public record. Doc noted that her declaration hinted at truth and reconciliation hearings after WWII and had a more contemporary tone of ushering in a Social Credit Score similar to the one posted to YouTube by Tom Scott. Doc added that Americans are already assigned social credit scores and anticipates the process will become announced and overt within the next 2 years. Ironically, he believes 70% of Americans would willingly embrace personal social credit scores if they were told it was a step that would return them to life similar pre-COVID19.


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