School of Errors – Author Event with Dr. David Perrodin | SAFETY DOC PODCAST 109 [Podcast]

[PODCAST] Shift the locus of control. Sometimes it’s as simple as recognizing that there are things that you can change and control. That’s what Torus Theory is all about… Dr. David P. Perrodin delivers a podcast-format author event for his book, School of Errors – and reads specially-selected passages from the most honest book about the $3 billion school safety industrial complex. School of Errors successfully applied four key concepts to allow readers to better understand school safety in America! (1) The Torus (2) Chaos Theory (3) Simulated Annealing (4) Transference Dynamic.

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It’s like a bagel! We expect today to be similar to yesterday and that tomorrow will be similar to today. Humans prefer for things to be similar and have sometimes refused to accept that something bad is happening and they have to deal with it. If the power goes out for 10 minutes, nobody panics. If it’s out for 10 hours???


When we are outside of our bagel. Chaos can often simplify and clarify our option – but we need to embrace chaos and stop trying to fight our way back into the bagel.


This sounds complicated, right, but it isn’t. If you’ve ever had a flight canceled, then you’ve processed through simulated annealing.  Simulated annealing is when you need to take many small steps to get from point A to point B.


What we learn about the world at kids, often through exploration, will dictate how we respond to crisis situations as adults. Exploration is a type of safety exercise. 100 years ago, a 3rd grader was able to explore 30 square miles around his or her home. Today, that unsupervised roam-zone is about a mile. And, instead of allowing kids to go on field trips, some schools are opting for virtual field trips as parents and teachers are convinced that will keep kids safe.


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