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Juan Browne | Oroville Dam and Citizen-As-Journalist | The Velocity of Information | SDP179

[Podcast] In 2017, America’s tallest dam complex had partially, but catastrophically, failed. The Oroville Dam, located in northern California, left operators scrambling to figure out how to manage a main spillway failure, eroding secondary spillway, and a rising water level in the reservoir. Remember those tense days when America was riveted to the nightly news…

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Deep Fakes and False Takes | The Velocity of Information | David P. Perrodin | SDP176

[Podcast] In June, 2019, U.S. lawmakers held their first hearing devoted primarily to the threat of artificially generated imagery. Then in October, 2019, California banned political deep fakes during election season. But, such actions have raised questions. What might be consequences looming at the intersection of deep fakes and public policy? DIRECT LINK to MP3…

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Crisis vs. Chaos | Bifurcation and Strange Attractors | The Velocity of Information | SDP174

[Podcast] What are the differences between crisis and chaos? Is a sudden bifurcation better than a gradual bifurcation? How might a “strange attractor” contribute to the sometimes long duration, and difficult-to-recognize, patterns in chaos? Doc will discuss these questions and read an excerpt pertaining to them from his book ‘The Velocity of Information: Human Thinking…

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