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CHNA Will Be Your Partner in Serving Needy Children & Families

CHNA Will Be Your Partner in Serving Needy Children and Families David Perrodin, PhD Note to reader: This article was published in the November, 2016, Sprigeo, Inc. newsletter. Per the Instructions for IRS Form 990, Schedule H, 2011 and the Patient Protection are Act, the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) is conducted to aid a…

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The Safety Doc Podcast #2, 11-18-2016: Human Memory Recall Is Alarming Low – and how that fact should change the ways we approach school safety.

Podcast Key Words: Forgetting Curve, Time-Stamping, Memory Distortion, Safe Schools, Tolerance & Acceptance How well do you ACTUALLY remember things? Research reveals that most of us forget HALF of what we’ve encoded within only one hour!  This is startling in many regards and it calls into question the reliability of eye witness accounts.  For safety,…

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TRAP-18 will present serious issues when schools begin to implement it for early identification of the “lone wolf” terrorist (AKA – student active shooter)

Commonalities of school shooter narratives… Bullied Told others prior to event Male While those points are typically accurate, the development of a profile rapidly fades following the “given” characteristics mentioned above.  For example, many shooters had good grades, many had a clean discipline record and many regularly interacted with a peer group.  There is no…

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