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Intellectual Property for the Everyday Internet User | Lee Jarvis | SDP153 Livestream 12-27-2020

[Podcast] Lee Jarvis is an Analyzer of Data Processes. He has much knowledge about intellectual property and critical considerations for bloggers, podcasters, social media influencers, and the person in charge of adding uplifting cartoons or images to the church bulletin.  What happens if you post a copyrighted image to your blog? How about streaming a…

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Carl Hopf: EHS in the time of COVID | Bluetooth, PPE, and Biological Best Practices | SDP152 Livestream 11-24-2020

[Podcast] Has Apple or Google uploaded a COVID-19 tracking app to your phone without asking first? One million Coloradans have opted in to receive COVID-19 exposure notifications – now what? Could voluntary apps become part of unalterable operating systems? How exactly does Bluetooth work and what are the security risks with Bluetooth communications? What’s the…

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Rogue Birthday Episode | Election Impact on Chaos | De-Platforming Survivalists | Livestream 11-7-2020

[Podcast] Doc burns down the birthday candles as he speculates how a Biden presidency might influence chaos behavior and regression to the mean. In addition, the sudden and complete de-platforming of tactical survivalist Mike Glover sends a cautionary message to all people that produce content in the prepper / survivalists genre. Finally, with Google seemingly…

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