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Simplifying the Equation of Podcasting Success | Author Larry Roberts on SAFETY DOC EPISODE #66

PODCAST-Simplifying the Equation of Podcasting Success… “When I started podcasting, I read so many different books and watched so many different videos that I ended up confused and overwhelmed to the point that I went out and bought equipment that I still haven’t even used! It’s outdated tech. Don’t tell my wife. She still thinks I’m…

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SDP_048 Comedy after Tragedy? Larry Roberts & David Perrodin

PODCAST-Tragedy obliterates comedy and lays a jagged landscape for podcasters to navigate as shows are judged in the context of the moment and not the context of the moment they were recorded. A misinterpreted posting of a show can become a viral social media wrecking ball. Readily Random’s Larry Roberts and The Safety Doc David…

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