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Unpacking Normal Box Theory | Perception of Normality is Everything | Guest Lee Jarvis | SDP171

[Podcast] Guest William Wesley Lee Jarvis returns to the show to discuss “Normal Box Theory”in society and how it applies to how people, and cultures in identifying the illusion of priorities. What is “thinking in averages?” Why is perception of normality everything? What are counter-processes and fixes? How do we analyze processes of culture relative…

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Sir Bryan Bowden | NYC Pandemic Epicenter Face Validity | Protecting Your Right to Privacy | SAFETY DOC PODCAST #128

[Podcast] New Yorker Bryan Bowden describes what’s happening in his city with a face validity update; the intersection of privacy and government surveillance of its citizens; debt forgiveness; self-sufficient mindsets; liberation and innovation; and monitoring the encroachment of social credit scores for Americans. DIRECT LINK to MP3 of this Episode: ABOUT BRYAN BOWDEN Born and…

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How Coronavirus Changed America’s Social Contract | SAFETY DOC PODCAST #125

[Podcast] Doc does a face validity check in, describes the American social contract, and then identifies ways personal privacy changed this month and how those changes will likely be permanent. DIRECT LINK to MP3 of this Episode: ARE WE ALL DEPUTIZED? Doc notes counties and communities encouraging residents to report alleged violations of social gathering decrees…

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