Examining the Patriot Act, Privacy, Freedom; Safety – Interview with Dylan Allman – SDP #16

Mr. Dylan Allman | Free Thinker | Constitutionalist | Liberty | Small Government

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Dylan Allman is a rising political scholar alarmed by the growth of government and its invasion into personal privacy as protected by the 4th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. 


During this riveting interview, Mr. Allman challenges the tenets of the Patriot Act, something that host Dr. Perrodin has openly supported for its assumed function of removing barriers to the exchange of threat leakage information between law enforcement agencies.  Dr. Perrodin also believes that government surveillance thwarts countless threats aimed at the American people – things we never read or hear about due to the classified nature of such operations.  Yet, Dr. Perrodin admits that his belief is perhaps a reality created by his own positionality and that such covert operations will never, by function, be transparent to the populace. 


Mr. Allman introduces deeper skepticism to the conversation, implying that Dr. Perrodin seek to better inform his position about the value that the NSA, and like, organizations that might not authentically contribute to safety.  Both Mr. Allman and Dr. Perrodin find themselves questioning the purpose of the Patriot Act as peaceful protests, from streets to college campuses, are rapidly eroding into riots between persons subscribed to “The Left” or “The Right” – a pattern that seemingly would be suppressed by the knowledge skimmed by the National Security Agency (NSA) and other covert government organizations purposed with identifying and stopping terrorism. 


Has the mass media purposely saturated Americans with feelings of fear and insecurity and have we become so distanced from the constructs of the Founding Fathers that the Constitution has taken a backseat to Executive Orders? 


Ultimately, this earnest discussion positions personal safety in the capable hands of the people and beckons all listeners to not only preserve the remnants of their rights, but to restore the rights granted to the states, localities and citizens by the Founding Fathers. 


Both men embrace the non-aggression principle and liberty via the ballot and not the bullet.  


Listen to this episode  https://tinyurl.com/SDP16-AUDIO

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