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Discovering the Awesomeness of Multiplayer Video Games – Interview with Seann Dikkers, PhD – SDP #18

Dr. Dikkers regards video gaming the same as other media such as movies and music. It has become part of our society and just like heavy metal music, is not the causal factor of violent behaviors. In fact, as game play increases violent behaviors decrease. Seann examines digital game design and teaching and learning. What can we learn from video games to provide a meaningful experience in classrooms?

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A Blind Man’s Amazing Stories about Personal Safety – Interview with David Hyde – SDP #15

As the poignant, often-humorous, stories map the intersections of blindness, safety and humanity, David’s words are threaded with introspection from a life of marked accomplishments, although humbly stated, such as creating statewide professional development programs from scratch or serving in essential roles on national organizations (not to mention the countless positive influences on colleagues and students).

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Scientist Proved 65% of Typical People Will Follow Deadly Directives From Authority – SDP#3

The Safety Doc Podcast #3 Key Words: Milgram Experiment, Following Orders, Revisionist Research, Forgetting Curve, Memory Distortion, Active Shooter Recruitment, Mob Mentality & Diffused Responsibility WHY WOULD YOU OVERWRITE 50-YEAR-OLD RESEARCH FINDINGS? The Safety Doc Podcast #3 challenges “The Atlantic’s” revisionist interpretation of the famous Milgram Electric-Shock Studies of the 1960s that showed that people…

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