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75% of the World Doesn’t Have An Address | Dr. David Perrodin | THE SAFETY DOC PODCAST #89 [Podcast]

PODCAST: Originally from the music industry, what3words CEO Chris Sheldrick identified the need for a better addressing system, after bands and equipment constantly kept getting lost. DIRECT LINK to MP3 of this Episode: FIREFIGHTING and PLAT BOOKS Dr. Perrodin aced his classroom and field firefighting certification competencies – with one exception. He struggled to interpret…

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Interview with an Unwitcher | Paranormal Researcher Ileata Kenley | SAFETY DOC PODCAST #83 [Podcast]

PODCAST-Paranormal researcher and author Ileata Kenley joined the Safety Doc Podcast to discuss: spiritual awareness, spiritual self-defense, resources to assist someone negatively impacted by paranormal experiences and house cleansing. Ileata’s vivid stories of investigating the spirit world include a harrowing escape from a paranormal-charged field and a long-dead murderer confessing his guilt. This story-filled show…

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