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Seven School Safety Exercise Objectives That Actually Help Teachers, Police, Fire, and EMS | SDP196

School safety exercises often involve #school staff, #students and agencies (police/fire/EMS), but lack measurable learning objectives. What did exercise coordinators specifically measure during and following the exercise? Does everyone need to participate in the safety exercise, or should some staff and students be assigned to different roles, such as observers? Is it OK to include…

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Decision Making Up in the Air | Pilot Graham Wilson | The DECIDE model | SDP186

Graham Wilson is a freelance flight instructor in Windsor, Canada. He produces aviation-themed content for his ‘Superpilotish’ YouTube channel and website Graham has worked as a Chief Flight Instructor, Chief Pilot, Operations Manager and was formerly an accredited Transport Canada Pilot Examiner. He has worked various jobs in manufacturing, the service sector and was…

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Michigan Bill Would Ban Cellphones in Schools | 7 Reasons For And 7 Against Cellphones | SDP185

James David Dickson, managing editor of Michigan Capitol Confidential, wrote an article about Michigan House Bill 6171, introduced in June (2022) by Representative Gary Eisen. The proposed bill reads: “Beginning with the 2022-2023 school year, the board of a school district or intermediate school district or board of directors of a public school academy shall…

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