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Why May Should Not Be Food Allergy Month | SAFETY DOC PODCAST #96 | Dr. David Perrodin, PhD [Podcast]

[Podcast] Why is May designated as Food Allergy Awareness Month? Dr. Perrodin points out the merits of awareness activities centered to food and other allergies – some with potentially life-threatening consequences. However, he identifies the irrationality of devoting the month of May to allergy awareness primarily as it is at the very end of the…

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Giles Rhys Jones Interview | Addressing the World | SAFETY DOC PODCAST #90 [Podcast]

PODCAST – Giles Rhys Jones, Chief Marketing Officer for what3words, was interviewed for this episode of The Safety Doc Podcast. Dr. Perrodin contacted Giles after recently learning about what3words and instantly realizing its potential to recast swaths of school safety protocols. Giles and David discuss how w3w has interfaced with, and improved, rescue platforms and…

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The Dark Side of School Safety Funding | Safety Doc Podcast #72 with Dr. David Perrodin

PODCAST-The marketing of school safety is making headlines. Bulletproof whiteboards and clipboards. Bulletproof wall panels. Bulletproof backpack inserts. Bullet “resistant” window film. Specialized locks. Training that turns the emergency lockdown, “shelter in place” response on its head. Money is again available for “school safety” grants and corporations see dollar signs.    DIRECT LINK to MP3…

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